Veterans Suicide

Is there a cure……? Suicide is not a new thing, it is far too common in society. While serving in the British Army I looked upon people who committed suicide as people who wasted their lives. I thought that they were weak and inconsiderate. I mean after all the effect that their ‘selfish’ act had […]

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The Sky’s the limit

A small blog highlighting the simplicity of things that can help focus the PTSD mindset

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An Open Blog to myself

Should you consider this…. Friday just past and the need arose to pay a visit to Urgent Care, hmm yep Friday night visit to a NHS facility, needs must. I sit typing this with my loyal assistance dog (Ziggy) resting his head on me, reassuring me letting me know he is here for me. He […]

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Choice or Pain?

dog on a train

Its simple its neat enjoy working together

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